Calling for ALL Associations, Organizations,

Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups

Ready to show the World that WE know how to Collaborate?

Most people I talk to don’t know about all the amazing groups like YOURS… So let’s introduce them!



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Partnering Organizations

What do You Get by Participating: 

5 Minutes on Stage to Introduce EVERYONE to Your Organization!

Links to YOUR Website & LOGO on the homepage of!

Around 1' of space on the Organizations' Vendor Table in Lobby to put out information!

A Personal Post on Your Organization to 65,000+ people to Tonya Hofmann's

social media realm!

Logo Included on all Promotional Fliers that will go out to over 1 Million+ People!

LOGO & Website Link on Program Guide!

3 Free Tickets to Attend... Suggestion:

President, Program Director

& Membership Chair!

Promote YOUR OWN Conference or Event at the WowdibleConference!

Place Your Organization's 6' Banner at the front next to the Stage to have Your Organization seen the Whole Time and in all the Snap Shots, Videos, etc happening throughout the event!

Partnering Organizations

What is Required to Participate: 

Show up at the event with the 3 Representatives!

Help Promote the Event to Your Email List, Social Media Groups, etc.!

Have a total of at least 10 participants coming from your membership

Allow Tonya Hofmann to attend an online event or in person event and tell the attendees about the conference and the collaboration between the organizations prior to the conference!

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Win the Best Collaborator AWARD!

The award(s) for those organizations that go way beyond in showing the world that people can not just get along but truly be a support to each other.


Let’s make sure YOUR Organization is also on the Resource Guide List on Wowdible Phone App too!

Here is the simple agreement and we’ll get you up and going once approved:


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Showing the World How Collaboration Works:

Showing the World How Collaboration Works: