Annika Sorensen

The business leaders guide to less stress and more fun and done at work!

Dr Annika Sörensen, MD, family doctor from Sweden specializing in health and stress strategies. She has a solid background with 30+ years in the Swedish Public Health Care. Since 10 years back she has also specialized in Stress Management and Preventive Medicine using her medical skills to help busy business leaders stress less, be more effective while promoting health instead of focusing on disease.
Today Dr Annika runs her own business AskDrAnnika.com where she function as Stress strategist and Calm catalyst with focus on helping her business leader clients find that peace and calm they need to get more done and create bigger success. She is an International Speaker and Seminar leader with not only one, but two TEDx talks on stress management on her CV and she is also the Author of 2 top rated stress management books “Take stress from chaos to calm” and “My de-stress diary”.



As business leader you carry a lot of responsibilities. Managing the company, advertising, bookkeeping, sales, networking, employee- and customer relations; your to-do list is endless and it is easy to feel completely drained. You try to work faster and harder and all it does is making you feel even more stressed out. If this is you, this session is for you. Dr Annika will show you what stress really is, how to beat it and find the easy way out of the rat-race, be more effective, healthier and successful in business and become the leader you always dreamed about.