Carmen Davailus

Who Do You Want to Be?

Carmen Buck:  Carmen is an award winning author, speaker and photographer changing the world one image at a time for people of all ages in the Austin TX area and beyond. She works closely with businesses who want to leave a remarkable legacy, tell their stories, and rise above the noise on social media. She is also an Alzheimer’s Advocate using compassionate photography to raise awareness believing with less fear, there is more room for love, compassion, and kindness.

Carmen is our official photographer for the event.  She will be taking Personality Photos for your Speaking Career New Look and also can create a sizzle reel as well!  Take advantage of her amazing conference show special!  Tonya uses her for all of her photos!  Email her at



Who Do You Want to Be?

We know we have to step out in the crowd, stand tall and speak up to be noticed. With social media, our images say so much about us so it is important to show up in the right ways. This presentation will compare ‘Okay’ and ‘AMAZING’ ways to show up simply by being yourself in images. You’ll learn how to stay true to yourself, and what you can do on your own and when to hire a professional. This will wake up your imagination, so bring extra paper to jot down cool ideas for your social media!