Christy Iwuchukwu

Communicate to Connect and Collect

Christy Iwuchukwu is the founder of Women’s Coaching Association, a supportive platform for coaching professionals to educate, connect, and collaborate to grow their businesses.  As an expert in Impact Speaking, Christy is brilliant at helping speakers connect with their audience on a deeper level, using the power of storytelling.

Before starting in the business coaching space, Christy helped women gain clarity and confidence through her Rock Your Brilliance program. Now, she coaches women to grace the stage and deliver their messages powerfully through her signature coaching program and workshops. Christy’s signature program draws from her own life experiences and interactions working with women from all walks of life. Christy has spoken at  Public Speakers Association and small business conferences, where she consistently inspires audiences at an emotional level with engaging and dynamic presentations.

Christy is the Host of Christy Iwuchukwu’s Brilliance TV, a program spotlighting top business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Christy helps speakers create unique presentations that captivate their audiences. She believes the right presentation is essential to inspire and transform lives.



Communicate to connect and collect: Make greater impact & influence to gain more clients