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Tonya Hofmann: CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association & Wowdible, Host of the Tonya Hofmann’s Wow TV Show, Cover of 5 Magazines, 7 International Award Winning Books, Global Speaker, Multiple International Award Winner

Build the “Right” Community for Massive Momentum!

Success is achieved when you filter out those who don’t fit and filter easily in a community that not only is a perfect target market but that achieves your community involvement goals!  Tonya walks you through exact steps to build content that achieves both goals for your client and your business.

  • Utilizing “Community” to Grow Your Business
  • Building the Rules Factor
  • Filtering in and out
  • Create momentum with Personality Filtering
  • Develop an Attract Mode vs an Attack Mode

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to connect beyond the “gate keeper”, build partnerships that moves your company forward rapidly and cause massive growth without the “Ooops, I’m suddenly in with the Wrong Crowd” syndrome!

Rosemarie Barnes: Rosemarie Barnes is a Professional Speaker and Presentation Trainer, founder of Confident Stages Executive Presentation Academy, and international best-selling author. 

“Communication Power”

To own great communication skills is to own great power but harnessing that power requires understanding and answering the needs of the person(s) with whom you are communicating. Participants will learn about the significance of “reading” their counterparts so that meaningful connections are established more quickly and effectively. Participants will further begin to understand their how own natural style of communication can either enhance or detract from their message depending on the listeners. Finally, participants will add new tools to their communication tool kits so that their own speaking confidence grows. 

Emcee & Speaker for the Wowdible Conference:

Fox Beyer: A teacher, coach, and author, Fox dedicates his time to conveying the challenges of Cerebral Palsy through speaking and his “What’s Your Inspiration” podcast.

“Using Perspective As A Weapon”

Chaos is an inevitable part of our everyday lives. Using perspective as a weapon against it can be a powerful tool.  So stand up to your mayhem. Punch it in the mouth. And win anyway!

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