Alicia White

"What To Do When Email Campaigns Aren't Working"

Creates Successful Speakers and Entrepreneurs through Strategy and Branding

Are you tired of sending emails and not getting a response?

Do you feel like it’s getting harder and harder to engage your community?

Our next speaker understands the frustration in low click through rates on email campaigns. That’s why she co-developed a marketing tool that is sure to get you a huge increase in community engagement that will lead to better business results in your business.

She is an award-winning speaker and international best-selling author with 20 plus years’ experience in design and branding. As Chief Marketing Officer at Botmazing and Founder of Back of the Room Productions, she is passionate in helping you to become a successful!

"What To Do When Email Campaigns Aren't Working"

Learn step by step how to use the new world of Chat Bots to Create REAL Movement in open rates, growth of data base and new clients to really grow any size business!