Ways 2 Participate

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Meet 12+ other Associations, Organizations, Groups (Their President, Membership Chair and DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS are invited)

100 to 300 attendees

In 4 different Tracks:

  1. Career Advancement
  2. Entrepreneurial Journey
  3. Personal Transformation
  4. Speaker Success
    In a 3 Day Conference in Austin, Texas area. Speakers will be coming from all across the US and the World!

We are now actively looking for next year’s 2020 speakers. We are looking for speakers that:

  1. Can bring REAL Value to the Audience & REAL Impact!
  2. Can fit one of the tracks above or be perfect for the entire audience
  3. Can help promote the event
  4. Are using speaking to market their business…
    This IS a Marketing Opportunity
    a. Can Use for Lead Generation: Receive All Attendees Contact Info
    i. Straight Presentation
    ii. Offer a Free Offer
    iii. Offer a Contest, Strategy Session, etc.
    b. Sell from Stage (Only for 45 Minute Presentations w/ 15 Minute Break
    after to get them to Your Table!) *Only 6 Spots Available
  5. Must Agree to Both Rules:
    a. Must be Nice… no mean, grumpy or negative people allowed
    b. No Perfect People… Only imperfect people please!

To apply to speak (Only 1 Speaker Allowed Per Subject Matter… no overlapping of subjects) go to https://wowdibleconference.com

We are promoting to 100,000 people, on 9 Meetup Groups, on the website, at events, on Eventbright… so this is only 1 marketing platform… meaning… don’t wait! LOL